Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And now...

he walks along
holding my hands
though the ocean
and the harsh lands

though i don't feel it
all the time
looking deeper i find
intense signs.

walking me through
ups and downs
and never letting go
through smiles and frowns

giving me the sight
beyond the eye can see
making me aware
of being me

he walks along
like an invisible strength
protecting me from
any scratch or dent

Igniting a mellow
light inside.
even on a rainy day
the world looks bright

ever since i was but
a seed
he took care of my
every growing need

everyday, he becomes
more immense
till i dissolve into
his sweet essence

till all but that
cease to exist
in this world
i continue to drift

clinging to that
evergreen fragrance
my world stops
making any sense

as i drown
a bit more, each time
in me i feel the grace
holding my hands
he walks along
turning my life
into a song

never again will
i ever question
coz i know every move
is towards progression

this is what
i was looking for
this where i belong
now i know for sure
nothing ever would
go wrong

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Am drifting along
In a makebelieve world
where the plastic buds
dont unfurl

Drifting along but not apart
without an ending without
a start

Several lines
waiting to be written
with words inbetween
that remain unsaid

I imagine what it
would like to not be
without the play
of this cosmic sea
a mystery so unfathomobly

So i choose not to drift but to dive
to the of source of pure enthusiasm
the source of life

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


things are happening
all in a flow,
cant no longer find time
to feel the breeze's
gentle blow

things change
so fast with time,
it don't wait to ask
if you're ready for the climb

all in a flow, in a smooth
one after another in quick
whether i like it or not
every instance seems
like my only shot.

from linear to
every reason seems
as if all predetermined

like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
all preassigned.

So what happens next,
is what i ask evey time
waiting with baited breadth
for that one symbol, one sign

Tired of waiting for so long
to merge with that melody of
a distant song.

i am aware
i am alive
till the time i can
into that ocean dive.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ephemeral Flower

I pray with every word
Verses which go unheard
through the echos of time
where none changes
neither you nor thine.

I set to look, knowing not
how or where to begin
to find unwritten melodies
waiting for me to sing,
every moment a doubt
intrepid with thoughts that
might be heard loud,
and knowing not where this
will lead,
words that keep ringing
to which i pay no heed-

never apart were we in this
just lost in the ephemeral race

Now i know you're not lost
haunted with buried memories
of a forgotten past.
knowing I'll go through it
all over again,
every emotion that felt so

The nature seems to know
thine game,
so whispers the wind untamed,
the quietude of sky,
and every soul born to die.
without a word they seem to say

never apart were we in this space
just lost the ephemeral race

As the creation moves forward
and rewinds
with consequences and mysteries
unexplained by science
all lead me back to the same old place where

never were we lost, never found
untouched by darkness
and fear unbound.

Never apart, just an illusion of distance
waiting to break free from
this ephemeral plane of existence

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Joke's on me ##$!&

Hey up there,

I bet you enjoy watching all games played afar, bet its like a 24 hour entertainment channel for you to see all kinds of gymnastics that goes about, in fact I bet you are laughing you head off right this moment. Just when I think I am beginning to understand a few things, a bombshell is dropped, with a note saying 'the joke's on you mate'! To begin with I thought you got some kind of sadistic pleasure seeing me endure this.

Felt like a dumb moron in a real hard physics class, with a blank expression....."ahhh I don’t get it !"

Like its all a huge joke, but if its a joke, am i not supposed to enjoy it?

I suddenly realise being serious and ambitious I’ve stopped being and having fun, and if i just looked around there's comedy in every element of life.

Crazy things are going on in the world, so whats wrong in being crazy and and weird as well...its so much better then seeing all those uptight stiff neck I-am-so-normal-it-hurts snobs who look as if they their every move is an effort.
Doing things totally out of ordinary brings such freedom !
so now I proudly say that I AM WEIRD and i do crazy things like

Listening to " mujhe se shaadi karogi"
At 2 am in the morning.

Watching a midnight show at rex in a seedy stall with all men.

Listening to rims laugh He he he.... so cute! Ever so often

Cursing the net when you can’t see silly you tube videos.

Pinching an old lady's cheek in the middle of a busy street.

It brings such a relief to admit how weird I am and shock people, to be outrageous, without being rebellious, being playful without being feverish, knowing it, yet acknowledging the vast unknown.

That’s what is effortless, like moving with the flow, instead of fighting against the current.
Who is going to say what? And So what? I have the strength to face the worst critic of myself, and that’s me...

So now I am ready to be a part of the joke, and laugh and make others laugh, coz am so done with crying for so long, and it’s so not fun. Next time I cry, will only do so coz its fun...and if that’s too tough, I’ll fake it till I make it!
And I don’t mind if the joke's on me!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Message to thy anonymous

who are you unseen unheard
creating havoc and turmoil amidst
life so peaceful and smooth
with words so harsh and a tone so rude,
without asking if it was polite to intrude.

who are you unseen , unheard
entering unwelcome disturbing my calm.
For the pain and misery you cause me,
there is no balm.

before you i was doing fine,
revelling in a comfort divine,
then you came and all was disrupted
as if a dormant volcano erupted.

who are you, unseen unheard
because of you all
close ties are being cut.

who are you unseen unheard
to whose face i want to slam
my doors shut.

no matter how anonymous you are
until the end of this default war.
admire me if you want, from afar
coz that's as close as we can get
although i hold no grudge,
not an iota of fret.

Unseen and unheard I'd rather we be.
across the the mountains
and the seven seas.
no words can say, and eyes cant see.
what's between the lines if you cant read.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Never said yes
never said no
never let her feelings show

what she feels is so intense,
she hides its behind a sheathe
of pretense.

the sky feels heavy above her
and beneath the ground seems to
give way.

Wants to be heard, and so much she
needs to say.
At the same time she is scared
of what she'll give away.

Whatever existed once seems
to have vanished into thin air,
of this sinking emotion, she is more
than aware.

Frozen and numb is everything around
and within there's not a sound.
like the shock of being lost and found.

Moves like a queen,
head held up with pride,
an air of new found mystery
that she cant hide.

cant figure whats wrong with this land
so many things that she doesnt understand.

looks at the edifice
with colour changing dome.
and knows she's right at home.

never has to say yes
never has to say no.
things can be understood
without having said so.