Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ephemeral Flower

I pray with every word
Verses which go unheard
through the echos of time
where none changes
neither you nor thine.

I set to look, knowing not
how or where to begin
to find unwritten melodies
waiting for me to sing,
every moment a doubt
intrepid with thoughts that
might be heard loud,
and knowing not where this
will lead,
words that keep ringing
to which i pay no heed-

never apart were we in this
just lost in the ephemeral race

Now i know you're not lost
haunted with buried memories
of a forgotten past.
knowing I'll go through it
all over again,
every emotion that felt so

The nature seems to know
thine game,
so whispers the wind untamed,
the quietude of sky,
and every soul born to die.
without a word they seem to say

never apart were we in this space
just lost the ephemeral race

As the creation moves forward
and rewinds
with consequences and mysteries
unexplained by science
all lead me back to the same old place where

never were we lost, never found
untouched by darkness
and fear unbound.

Never apart, just an illusion of distance
waiting to break free from
this ephemeral plane of existence