Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Randomly 'Ever after'

In fairy tales, wedding end with happily ever after.
After my whirlwind wedding where everything from scratch
happened in four m ' onths flat, i have nothing much to say.

they say everything's supposed to change after marriage.
Many things do, and many things dont. But its all for the good.
I suppose, anyway, barely a month into it, I dont think I am
expert enough to comment about it. But then even after 50 years into it
i doubt if I ever will be!

But its interesting.
I though I had it all figured out, getting married has directly resulted
in ruthlessly shattering all my concepts.

In short I really dont have anything to say, so I force meaningless
random sentences to fill in the spaces.

In many ways I have realized that marriage directly cuts out
the meaningless randomness in life that we become so accustomed,
which sometimes is a little tough to digest!

And for a marriage to take place itself, a million random things
have to fall in place.

Than one day, when:
kids star calling you 'Aunty',
you stop worrying about you weight (no wonder women bloat after marriage),
you start believing in weird superstitions,
words like 'saving' and 'planning' enters your vocabulary,
you start taking neighborhood gossip seriously

its starts sinking in that you're actually married.
But I guess at the end of the day, its still a series of random events that weirdly adds up to to 'ever after'!