Sunday, November 8, 2009

Four more days...

And even my name changes!
I guess love does that to you, Something in you dissolves, melts and an unconditional acceptance dawns. I feel scared, sure...

But then I am really not. I feel I am ready to take on new responsibilities, knowing that
some one's there to catch me when I fall, and correct me when I make mistakes.

With four more days too go, there is a frenzy of activity around, the accommodation, the catering, guest lists. I look at it all through the eyes of outsider. knowing that, all these events and activities will melt into time.

As I get married and become ready to step into a world that is alien to me, to nurture instead of being nurtured, to be instead of being...its only natural to be anxious (or so I tell myself to stop myself from passing out of anxiety!!)

Its funny, how during a wedding the focus is on the celebration outside, but inside there is a quiet celebration too, a much more vibrant and lavish one, and one that stands the test of time.

In four more days,

even my name changes....