Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New year, new reflections....

Now that I am back home in Deutschland, in the midst of freezing winter, snow et all, its time again to reflect back the past few months, after all that chaos of loosing my passport, getting new visa etc. Here are some of the lessons I learnt.

When things go wrong there is always a reason, except when you were being plain 'Stupid'.

Life always makes you wait, and wait, and wait....till you dont want it anymore, and the moment that happens, life says, ' OK here you go, you can have it after all'.

Calmness in the midst of chaos is a sign of evolution and maturity (which I am yet to attain)

If you have a thousand things in your head, its just that!
unless you do something about it

No matter how much you run away from something, its gonna come right to your face and say 'BOO', so face it!

When you know its gonna turn out bad, just walk away....its not too late!

NEVER say what you think, think what you're gonna say (and do what you want!)

Nobody remembers 'Kolavari di' a month or two later.

Before you die, do something (preferably nice) you would want to remember in your last moments, and do something they would remember after you are gone.

Its not a big deal to be famous, its a big deal to be humble and down to earth.

No matter how much you love someone, you will always love yourself more.

If its breakable, then better to destroy and build a new one, brick by brick that will last forever.

Its better to be brilliant at one thing than OK at many things.

When you die one day, none of all this is gonna matter chill, and yeah, take care of our planet (including being a vegetarian)...that will really matter.

Well apparently my brain is not as frozen as the weather outside (-20 degrees) so feels great to be blogging again. So reflection time over, its time to start planning ahead.