Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Europe and more..

I wake up to a gloomy overcast sky, and realize, OMG, I have just changed time zones, I look at the time, expecting it to be ridiculously early. Unfortunately it shows an embarrassing mid noon time...which rules out the possibility of that extra snooze I had planned in my mind.
On Mein Gott!!!.....
I look out of the window, and I see lovely mustard and orange autumn trees forming a picture perfect scenery flanking the red roofed buildings. Sure I miss India, but this aint bad either.
Oh breakfast, the jams, cheese, the muesli, the sure is a buffet.
Shopping has always been one of my sad weaknesses, and Europe is not helping, stuff here being expensive and to my rather unindulged senses. Even from the supermarkets, my Hubby has to eventually has to drag me out kicking and screaming.
Food...I know I already mentioned it. If there is one thing I have a crazy irresistible weakness for, its cheese. So one week of pizza and pastas (always with extra cheese) and I much more I could have of it. Only prayers could save me from an inevitable burst in seams. that was my first week in Germany, full of extreme tamas and rajas.
And how here I am in Hamburg, at the Art of Living centre, to my surprise I find that utter sattva (life) can exist here as well. Session with YES plus teacher Saleel bhaiya cooking with Sarah (another brilliant and sweet Iranian Yes plus teacher) and lots of brilliant Sadhana, and I cant even remember my first week in Germany. Somehow in love and sattva, the same things that you do feel so much more new and Intense.

So actually today is exactly one week in this new country. So bis spater und tchus!!!