Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chini kum... a sugar free life

"Sugar is without question the number one murderer in the history of
humanity — much lethal than opium or radioactive fallout..." Putting' it
bluntly, the human body cannot handle man-refined sucrose erroneously called
sugar"- Japanese natural healer,

With a lot of enthusiasm and determination, I had decided to give up sugar and white flour (
maida). It felt great, coz discipline is not one of my biggest virtue, especially when it comes to my food habits. It all started one evening when I asked Bawa, “what do I do if I feel sleepy and lethargic even after proper 6 -8 hours sleep. “look at your diet, and cut out white sugar and maida” he said simply. So my Inspiration came from Bawa, who even bakes delicious cakes and other desserts sugar free, so giving up wasn't so tough.

I even flaunted my sugar free status on twitter, gtalk and face book, and drew quiet a bit of attention.

And then for a couple of day by some weird quirk of fate, the choicest of the gourmet sugar loaded delicacies were offered to me. Blueberry cheese cake, hot chocolate fudge, strawberry with whipped cream, was okay till then,

but for the past 24 hours, there was mysore pak, soft drinks, tomato ketchup !!!!

stuff which I wouldn't touch normally suddenly felt like a life saving drug!

And then all those Cafe coffee days, Baristas and cake shops that I wouldn't look at twice, seemed to pop out with all its vividness while everything else including traffic blurred into the background.

The worst was, every single item on their window seemed to have sprouted an ‘eat me’ sign.

“its alright to just have one ‘strawberry-kiwi’ smoothie, who knows I might even get enlightened”.

“what if I was starving, wouldn't one bite of a back forest pastry save my life”

And then comes the worst bit, people started bombarding me with dabba after dabba of Ugadi sweets.

“Well, I can go sugarless after Ugadi, I cant go hurting people’s sentiments by not accepting their ‘sweet gestures’ ?”

Wait that’s not the worst bit, the worst bit is people acting as if you are terminally ill.

“Are u diabetic?”,

“What's wrong with you?”, or the less extreme

"Are you on a diet?"
"do u wanna loose weight?"

Then I think about why I am leading a diabetic life? and I get my answers alright!
read this -,

Q & A

Dear Bau, I have been off sugar since yesterday, and you're right, I
feel much better (less tired). I am giving it up for good, but everything from
pani puri to tomato ketchup these days contains sugar. Can you please give me some tips to help me stick to this.
Answer: Once u get off it, you will realise that there are many alternatives available steer clear of all the chemical sweeteners, they are worse. Jaggery, honey, maple syrup are fantastic alternatives and in a bit you will get used to their taste. After 3 months try eating a normal sugar thing and it will leave u disgusted.

Most importantly, I feel great, though my taste buds sometimes violently protest.

But if it leaves me stronger, healthier and improve my lifestyle which I know it will, its all for the good. And oh I also saved quiet a bit of money not eating junk which I can (and i did) unashamedly spend on shopping.