Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My wish basket

Back again,
This newness is quite subtle, its not like a makeover where, ppl notice immidiately, its more like a newness in the way i feel. Anyway, am waiting for the day i get transferred to the main desk, now i really hate page 3 with a passion! so hopefully that such be done by the end of this week.
I desperately need more sadhana, coz life's intensity is constantly ascending. So every extra minute am gonna contemplate on that.

Every one's talking about IPL, and Deccan Chargers, team owned by our stiff competitors Deccan Chronicle. And i think it would be fun to go attend one of those, tough all the hype and fanfare obviously don't impress me much.
But it would be fun to chill out there with YES+! group.... so maybe i could arrange some passes!
Mom's going back today, spent an amazing one week with her.

What else? am working 4 gift a smile programme raising funds to educate village kids, with Mallika di, Viji di is gonna be back frm ashram only by 5th may.....that's gonna be bad (but gr8 4 her), her place is my official chillout zone. But plan to team up with Shalini for some guitar jamming+ gyan session+ sadhana = some kick ass feeling of presence! what more could i ask for.
one thing.....upcoming AMC.
hmm today right this moment infact...thats 11:11 am, 22 april 2008, i write as a whole new person.
A person who
is beginning to understand how un-understandable life is
knows life isnt even 1% of what i see or experience
realises the fact that great things happen which greatest ease
knows challenges and tough times are a good sign, it means, you are qualifying for the next level
knows that if i dont care, i might as well be a bean bag, moulded into different shapes by ppl who sit on them.
realises life is about intensity
heart commands, mind demands - and u gotta figure out whats integrity in between them....

okay getting late for an edit meet, got lots more to rant on.. c ya