Thursday, December 21, 2006


That’s it!
Cant take it no more, have finally crossed the threshold of endurance, and now I refuse to face this crap any longer!

I know it’s not even worth blogging about, but my blood’s boiling and temper’s on overdrive, and if I don’t vent it out this way, you might be the punching bag and the chances increase manifold if you belong to the opposite sex.

It all began way before the press meet that I attended today, but today’s press meet was the final nail in the coffin.
It was a nice press meet, in a nice conference room, with nice food…..oh I forgot to mention that we were the only women there!
First of all we were subjected to grotesque stares , we’re used to that, no point in whining coz I know its unfair to the larger part of the population to be attractive….and more than that…..its downright criminal to be intelligent as well as attractive!

Okay coming back to my point, after the painful scrutiny, we did ask sensible questions at the press conference which was on sports, where even the so called ‘seasoned’ journalist didn’t know what they were talking about.
Lots of egos were bruised, and one senior pressperson even had the gall to mail me asking to 'inform him' when I attend press meets as I would be in an ‘awkward’ position if anyone questioned my credentials as a proper ‘sports journalist’.

Does sport have a gender, does the press have a gender, why is this territory labeled as such.

“For a women you know quiet a lot about sports……”, I do not take that as a complement.
I am not rebelling, just make a couple of observations and letting my pals know that we aren’t in dark ages anymore and I don’t believe in trash like ‘emancipation of women’….I think it’s the other way round, those who are insecure of themselves and retort to ‘guarding’ their territory need emancipation!

It just baffles me why educated, intelligent socially aware humans act like Neanderthal gits!
Its really a lot of fun to watch how one small, silly thing can throw people off balance, guess the sporting instinct gets entrenched at their emotional level as well!