Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seasons of me

Raindrops falling
distant winds calling
stillness haunting
with an emptiness daunting

snowflakes melting
darkness fading
morning sun rising
with colors enticing

starlight blazing
lonely clouds appraising
adventure alluring
for promises assuring

twilight drifting
lightness lifting
heaviness shifting
an evening uplifting

darkness enveloping
glazed skies hoping
silence suggesting
a time of resting

raindrops falling.........

Beginning and ending
continuos unstopping
no breaking no pausing
receiving and sending

growing maturing
secrets uncovering
new paths discovering
meaning unearthing

concepts breaking
ideas shattering
a new kinda longing
a life transforming

silence celebrating
heart rejoicing
love surrounding
a peace everlasting

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just perfect!

Whether its the pile of steadily growing mountain of to-be-ironed clothes, or the messy spice rack I've been meaning to organize since forever. Also maybe the fact that I could sell my soul to catch that 10 min-turned-half-an-hour (maybe more) extra snooze in the morning and oh wait! we have the most important event of my lifetime (more than even my wedding) to be organized by our small team of amateurs in about 45 days. With a million things on my to-do list and pending and plus a million things in my not-to-do list happening with no extra effort at all, each moment feels crazier than the next.

And added to that the complexity of everyday interactions in a in broken german, appearing normal, even when I feel not so normal inside with all these irritating things running in my head. Wait a sec...hold on....take a breath. And suddenly I feel like a witness to all these events. As if its happening to someone else. Even though I feel lost, I know its not to long before I find my way back home. Being the Alice in Wonderland, where the line between real and unreal is thin, as everything is changing, and even me, this physical self that I have will cease to exist one day. 

In nature everything is perfect. The petals of a flower, the snowflakes, and me as a creation of this very nature is also perfect. Although I continue to see imperfections all around me, a part of me is unchanged, perfect. And this is the part that I hold on to, especially when I meditate, while doing acts of service and when I take care of the world around me. And just knowing that there is and always will be this perfection in me that will never cease, I can deal with the daily imperfections of life with a smile. 

As the days draw nearer to the big day, I do feel overwhelmed by the responsibility we have taken. I have no idea how everything will be accomplished, no idea where all the skill and resources will turn up from. Just this faith as how everything happens so flawlessly in the nature, with perfect timing, on that day, it will be the same. Just Perfect.