Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ephemeral Flower

Dear all,

As you can see, my blog has undergone a total makeover, its the same old me, just a new look.

I think all of us need to infuse some newness in life every once in a while, just like nature does, its ancient, but evergreen, ever vibrant and ever fresh. I hope to do the same with my writing, consequently have it trickling down in life as well, with an experience of a new life with every breadth, and in this case, with every word I type and every click.

Yours comments, criticism and feedback mean a lot to me. So keep them coming. Also tell me what you'd like to read and what you'd not.

Lots of love

Ephemeral Flower

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Eaglet

I posted this on my blog about two years ago, and its always been one of my favourites. I have always loved animals and birds, and this is one of my rare posts on them.

Black eyes with grey pupils, occasional blinking would reveal silvery eyelids.... it lay there, crouched, helpless, and frightened to death. After all the initial commotion and hushed 'oohs' and 'aahs', it lay forgotten, battered and unattended.
I wondered what all the noise was about as I climbed up the stairs of my hostel, and I saw instantly a sight that was hard to miss .
Because it was the most beautiful and heartbreaking sight. A magnificent eagle, lay at the corner of the balcony, for a moment I, froze and felt as helpless as the eagle.
"Ooh what happened"...Rims was as awestruck as I, we just stood and gasped at the sight. What do we do? What do we do? After a flurry of phone calls, finally
Harsha comes from PFA(people for animals). By this time, we were fast friends with the eagle, Rims was playing Radio Mirchi songs to him, and we were in the process of baptising our friend.
"Its so
clichéd",...said rims sounding disgusted, and wouldn't let me name him Angel.
Harsha spread his beautiful wings, and I was scared,
" he’s not had water for a couple of days, so has fainted of dehydration, he’s barely 20 days old"
"Ooh a baby eaglet!
"A baby eaglet...there's no such thing as baby eaglet".
We fed him water, and he was up in minutes. "Can he fly"
"sure, in about a month"!
"That long"?
coz it cant hunt yet"
"so its really a baby eaglet"
"i said there
aint nothing known as......"
"Where are you going to take him?"
"Animal hospital"
"can we come visit him"
"we have about fifty birds, you wont recognise him"
Harsh then put eaglet in a shoe box...and I made one last desperate attempt ."Can I carry him"
"uh, no thanks".... and he was gone,
We named him Eaglet (and that’s not
Phone rings an hour later saying he's in the ICU and will be fine. Somehow the image of Eaglet in ICU on the ventilator and nurses fussing over him cracks me up. "You can visit Saturday’s and Sundays", which cracks me up further.
I don’t think I’ll visit him, One day when I look up at the sky, I
wouldn’t be surprised to see my soaring high watching over me. And who says I wont recognise him.