Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm just surprised.....!

At the way things have turned out (for the better)
How weird co-incidences turn out to be the best things in your life
How things change in-spite and despite
How everything changes and so will this
How come some people just dont get it!
The best things in life are purely by chance, by luck or by grace.
The fact that I got the best things in life by doing nothing.
How just being there can make all the difference
How some things cannot, will not and would not ever happen...and you know it!
At the fact that walking blindfolded is much easier than with eyes wide open.
That knowing that I dont know is the peak of knowledge.
When thing go wrong....its really is, it could get worse, and thats okay too.
How taking yourself sincerely not seriously makes all the difference.
How being happy is a decision not an end result.
How the only difference between getting something you always wanted and not getting something you always wanted is the word 'not'.
How taking bigger risks gets bigger results, if it fails, gets bigger learning.
How till the time you're really, totally absolutely clear about what you want to do, you're wasting your time, so if you're wasting time anyway, why not experiment and have fun.
That if you're not having fun, then something is seriously wrong.
Knowing that there is no bigger fun than being and doing right.

Its not surprise really, but a wonder, a sort of awe, at how things are so simple yet so complex. And its nice to be in this perpetual state, it adds a lot of spark to life.