Friday, December 29, 2006

Tale of three cities.

No experience in world quiet matches up to falling in love, and if something does, its travelling! Last week was crazy, travelled 3 cities in a span of six days, exhausting? you bet! now am comfortably back home, thank god for that! from home made khana, to unlimited shopping to catching up with old pals......being home rocks!


Hyderabad had changed, out of the blue there is Mcdonalds and KFC springing up where only a lone Foodworld once stood, the city is going on a mad flyover building frenzy everywhere you look, there are LCD screens at signals playing the promos of latest telugu flick....what it all looks like to me is chaos, chaos and more chaos!

But some things never change, like riding in! i missed those,even with the crazy traffic, nothing can ruin my ride around the scenic Hussein sager.


Wouldn't dream of riding in autos in Bangalore, coz for one thing they cost a bomb, and for another, the drivers seem to be a reincarnation of hell's angels on the road, so for safety if not for economy...buses are the best bet.


Mumbaiyya local train....absolutely loved it, best thing is that if you wanna get down on a station, just need to stand next to the entrance and you automatically get pushed out with the swarm of crowds converging out....oh yes church gate station rocks, coz you get the best cold coffee in the world for 10 bucks!

Meeting new people, discovering new places, brings a sense of enormous freedom, just like love, so maybe it is love, the kinda love that grows with time, and stretches out like a vast sky so that you keep going...without quiet reaching, and yet, no matter where you go, it feels like home.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


That’s it!
Cant take it no more, have finally crossed the threshold of endurance, and now I refuse to face this crap any longer!

I know it’s not even worth blogging about, but my blood’s boiling and temper’s on overdrive, and if I don’t vent it out this way, you might be the punching bag and the chances increase manifold if you belong to the opposite sex.

It all began way before the press meet that I attended today, but today’s press meet was the final nail in the coffin.
It was a nice press meet, in a nice conference room, with nice food…..oh I forgot to mention that we were the only women there!
First of all we were subjected to grotesque stares , we’re used to that, no point in whining coz I know its unfair to the larger part of the population to be attractive….and more than that…..its downright criminal to be intelligent as well as attractive!

Okay coming back to my point, after the painful scrutiny, we did ask sensible questions at the press conference which was on sports, where even the so called ‘seasoned’ journalist didn’t know what they were talking about.
Lots of egos were bruised, and one senior pressperson even had the gall to mail me asking to 'inform him' when I attend press meets as I would be in an ‘awkward’ position if anyone questioned my credentials as a proper ‘sports journalist’.

Does sport have a gender, does the press have a gender, why is this territory labeled as such.

“For a women you know quiet a lot about sports……”, I do not take that as a complement.
I am not rebelling, just make a couple of observations and letting my pals know that we aren’t in dark ages anymore and I don’t believe in trash like ‘emancipation of women’….I think it’s the other way round, those who are insecure of themselves and retort to ‘guarding’ their territory need emancipation!

It just baffles me why educated, intelligent socially aware humans act like Neanderthal gits!
Its really a lot of fun to watch how one small, silly thing can throw people off balance, guess the sporting instinct gets entrenched at their emotional level as well!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Far and away

Remember seeing a movie of that title a real long time back
Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman,seemed like this perfect fairlytale couple!
but fairytales are seldom real.......

And my fairytale.....i guess i never had a fairytale, you know like a little personal dream that we all cherish.
Fear of losing those you loved.
As a kid i would wait endless hours for dad to come back, and then jumping into his arms.....
and when he finally did, i would freeze.Couldnt understand why he had to leave me so often and go away, why, he couldnt take me with him.
Even as i grew up and understood the demands of an army life, that part of me never quiet left.

Army life, taught me more than any formal education could ever have, it taught me how to smile under any circumstances, even when you're falling apart.

Moved from place to place, people changed, friends changed, relationships changed and most of all, i changed.
I didnt want friends anymore, why? only to leave them one day?
Parents hated pets...and my brother...well he just seemed too wierd at that time!

So i plunged myself into the world of books, lost in the land of fairies and enchanted lands where
i could slip away from the uncertainities of daily life.....Far and away.

Life's come a full circle, can no longer run away, I still read, but i read reality, i read the about the plight of farmers being displaced after decades of toiling on the only land they ever knew, what a mess the whole indian political sceanario is, the idea behind whole iraq study group is to cover the insecurities of the US, how the 123 agreement is the only thing thats keeping the whole nuclear deal with US from falling apart......

Now i know thats its not me who is falling apart, everything around me is.
Maybe i am there to fix that, to take the uncertainities in my life and change them into certainities in the environment around me, with all this who has the time to think about fairytales!

As for Nicole and Tom, they did go far......and away.