Saturday, September 27, 2008


Note: am 15 days late posting this.

(27th sept 2008)

Its like a bizarre melting pot of events, situations, people, emotions and of course plenty of chaos adding to the hoopla.

Its the last day already, time has slipped by at an alarming speed, leaving us blissed and blessed!

Here are snatches of Bau's brilliant Q n A, for unfortunate souls who missed the action.

Q Why do Parsis worship fire and other elements?

A 'Bhoomi' or earth has the quality of acceptance, it doesn't differentiate who should walk on it.

'Agni' or fire burns all negativity, and also purifies as when gold is melted, all the purity is retained.

Vayu or air is present everywhere, so is our mind, like when you walk into a movie theatre a little late, you feel a bit uncomfortable, that's because all the other minds present there are attuned to the film, and your mind is not aligned to that. So mind has its presence everywhere

Akash or space is completely involved yet, totally detached.

Neer or water is very adaptable, it takes the shape of the container it is poured in, also it goes to depth. We feel alive only when we dive deep. So dive deep in love, knowledge and meditation. As only a dead body stays afloat.

Akash or space is completely involved yet, totally detached.

Bhoomi ka 'BHA', Agni ka 'G', Vayu ka 'W' Akash ka 'A' and Neer ka 'N'


Q What is wisdom?

A Knowledge with experience is wisdom.

During satsang, Bau enchanted all of us by explaining the symbolism behind each deity.

About Devi

The most important portfolios are given to women- Finance, Education and Defence, leaving men literally with nothing.

Saraswati- She carries a book in one hand and veena in other, symbolising that left brained and right brain activity should go together, and her vahan is swan. So when you have music and logic balanced, then you can fly high like a swan.

Lakshmi- sits on a lotus, symbolising that money is very unstable, like a lotus on water, and can submerge anytime, so you've got to be very careful in terms of finances, but if you do Narayan's work (god's work) lakshmi will follow.

Durga: Her Vahan is a lion, the most powerful, and the laziest animal. So your defence should be powerful, but should be used as the last retort, a war should should be absolutely the last option, hence, you should be lazy while using defence.

Bau also stressed on the importance of being proactive, and how good people should stand up and start shouting so that the negativity is put to an end (will elaborate that in upcoming posts).

The last day was filled with music and celebration, and some special time with Bau at Saket Bhaiya's house. But wait. Utsav hasn't ended, its in fact just begun...especially with navratri starting, i'm off for the advanced course, celebrating silence with gurudev.

Sigh...blissed and blessed