Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Without you where will I be?

I have been a little bogged down for while, have been a victim of opposites in life. Its not as though its the first time I’
ve come here. But it definitely feels like the first time every time. I know for sure, what's right and what's not. But that doesn't help me when my mind’s clouded.

Today is
Gurupoornima, and instead of a sophisticated explanation on the significance of a guru in one’s life, I decided to write something personal, hope it makes sense!

So my mind’s so clouded that every shred of my awareness and integrity goes for a toss.

I decide to go sugarless, and the next moment I am ready to sell my soul for a DBC (Death by chocolate).

I decide to wake up early, next thing I know I wake up two hours later than usual.

I decide to meditate for an two hours everyday, and I struggle to squeeze in 20 minutes of ‘me time’.

Then something magical happens.

I close my eyes, and look back at the past five years and things have definitely changed for the better. In spite of my doubts, fears and all the obstacles.

I close my eyes and just breathe, and feel that presence that taken care of me, very dearly, all this while.

I close my eyes, all my discomfort vanishes into thin air, and a smile appears, and the opposites in life disappears.

And I know for sure, I am not lost in the opposites of life.