Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Without you where will I be?

I have been a little bogged down for while, have been a victim of opposites in life. Its not as though its the first time I’
ve come here. But it definitely feels like the first time every time. I know for sure, what's right and what's not. But that doesn't help me when my mind’s clouded.

Today is
Gurupoornima, and instead of a sophisticated explanation on the significance of a guru in one’s life, I decided to write something personal, hope it makes sense!

So my mind’s so clouded that every shred of my awareness and integrity goes for a toss.

I decide to go sugarless, and the next moment I am ready to sell my soul for a DBC (Death by chocolate).

I decide to wake up early, next thing I know I wake up two hours later than usual.

I decide to meditate for an two hours everyday, and I struggle to squeeze in 20 minutes of ‘me time’.

Then something magical happens.

I close my eyes, and look back at the past five years and things have definitely changed for the better. In spite of my doubts, fears and all the obstacles.

I close my eyes and just breathe, and feel that presence that taken care of me, very dearly, all this while.

I close my eyes, all my discomfort vanishes into thin air, and a smile appears, and the opposites in life disappears.

And I know for sure, I am not lost in the opposites of life.

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srikanth said...

sincere :) ,, out of the self post ,, a good read today ,, something guruji told hit me hard - You must have say over your senses - may be we can do this as an experiment for a week :) ,, what do u say ?

Srikanth.k said...

The presence of God and the Guru gives much solace in this chaotic world. Ever since ancient times, even during the period of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, God showed the way in the form of the Guru, to earnest and sincere souls.

On this holy Gurupoornima day, may the blessings of Parameshwara, the Adi-Guru, be with everyone to make this a more peaceful and beautiful world .

'Jaigurudev' !


Krishna said...

amazing.............without you where will i be.

Ashish said...

As guruji said, this is a year of conflict...
You always know how party begins... :)

Abhishek Ratna said...

your post smacks oppsites together so well

Raj said...

hey.. your blog is very nice. so much so, i m reading all the posts since beginning. but i couldn't help notice that you are using 'quiet' where you actually mean 'quite' and you use this a lot, so i thought i'd just tell you.
i could be wrong also. pls look into this.
you need not publish this.
thanks for writing.
jai gurudeva...

Sidharth said...
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Sidharth said...

Hi Mad Angel,
Just read your blog. Rele like the way u write, a blend of fun, responsibility and patriotism. Looking forward to your further posts.
Jai Guru Dev :)

jaideep said...

Today was a beautiful day and felt good after Varmahalaxmi pooja cause the whole family sat and meditated and prayed together :)
so kind of blissed out :)

And this Post really complements it.

Nice one :)

nands said...

So sweet! :)