Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I did not post for so long

I know its been ages....and its about time I do the official sri ganesh of posting my first blog this year. Here are some of the significant events, that kept me too busy to blog the past month

1. Krishna's (my brother) visit , twice to the city, and he is now a proud owner of an ipod 160GB classic

2.My first YES!+ course in Bangalore Indira Nagar (will upload pics soon)

3. Interviewed : Emraan Hashmi, Neha Dhupia, and a couple of other's you wouldnt recognise

4. Attended my college alumni meet (and gave a brilliant speech) and was

5. Called as guest faculty to teach feature writing at SSCMS, and gave my first lecture.

6. Road trip from Coimbatore to Bangalore via Ooty and Bandipur national reserve with Avinash and Sadie, where we spotted Elephants, Deers and Peacocks.

7. And lastly and most significantly went for Reema's wedding yesterday. Got really senti..Its weird to see you best friend getting married, acting all grown up and propah!

Is my life happening or what! but that does not excuse me from going absconding from my own blog. All of the above events deserve an individual post dedicated to them. And that's what I intend to do in the coming days, which just seem to get busier

1. YES!+ course in Koramangala, Indian Heritage centre, 12th- 18th feb

2. Guitar lessons with Sahil

3. Lectures as guest faculty twice a week

4. Mahashivratri on 23rd Feb at kollam with Guruji.

I cant bear to go on anymore, seem like I'm on a verge of a panic attack. Why cant a day have more than 24 hours!