Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ephemeral Flower

Dear all,

As you can see, my blog has undergone a total makeover, its the same old me, just a new look.

I think all of us need to infuse some newness in life every once in a while, just like nature does, its ancient, but evergreen, ever vibrant and ever fresh. I hope to do the same with my writing, consequently have it trickling down in life as well, with an experience of a new life with every breadth, and in this case, with every word I type and every click.

Yours comments, criticism and feedback mean a lot to me. So keep them coming. Also tell me what you'd like to read and what you'd not.

Lots of love

Ephemeral Flower

11 Annotations:

Ashish said...

cool look

Santhu said...

I would like to read some of your YES+ experiences when u were a student :-)
And your yes + masti stories and lots of fun !!

Keep posting ,,,


komal said...

thats a cool new look madhuri .. oh and please do write more about yes+ and aol and guru stories from time to time...

Goli said...

Maddy this is cool template, how did you get it working? I had very difficult time changing my blog templates. I love the colours :)

The Wandering Minstrel said...

very u i think :) thankfully it isnt pink, else it wud be totally prerna :) which reminds...she took ur number from me.

srikanth said...

The blog looks younger :)

Abhay Karnataki said...

what i had like to read more, is probably about what events are happening in Bangalore, from Metro to Musical concerts... and preferably a bit in advance so that I could attend something.

secondly you could probably put a sidebar with links to your DH articles.. I liked your articles on coffee house and no recession.

srikant kancherla said...

Gorgeous ! The newness in your site is as refreshing as a newly blossomed rose garden !

Keep it up !

Mad angel said...

I have to start a new blog to write down my YES!+ and guru stories, there are so many :). But I promise to post more of them. I am also working out a way to put links of my latest articles on the blog. Thanx a lot for your feedback.

jaideep said...

it is really a pretty template you have got hold off. the dark pink makes it look a bit dull. so i guess, using lighter shades will give you a very youthful look.
the starting sentence which tells about what your blog really is, make it look VIBRANT.if not i really missed looking at it when i saw your blog. then it would really appeal what your blog is .
streaks of silver or gold lining in and around your blog will really give it a jhakas look :).

in simple words when someone looks at your blog every corner must appeal because ireally missed reading some parts because of the colours used.

And do keep some interesting posts coming in :)

if you are really happy by the way it looks then let it be:) .
if not put your thinking colour cap and start again :)

All the best,
Good work :)
i guess happy colouring:)

mystupendoussalvation said...

Sorry I took real long to have a look at ur new template..almost 10 comments long though ;)never mind this is not my point of concern here.. this template is really nice super kewl..shows so much of Mad Angel(for the very first time Angel is without white)... beautiful combo of colors n do tell me how did u manage to have it.. will look forward for my blog too..