Saturday, February 10, 2007

Joke's on me ##$!&

Hey up there,

I bet you enjoy watching all games played afar, bet its like a 24 hour entertainment channel for you to see all kinds of gymnastics that goes about, in fact I bet you are laughing you head off right this moment. Just when I think I am beginning to understand a few things, a bombshell is dropped, with a note saying 'the joke's on you mate'! To begin with I thought you got some kind of sadistic pleasure seeing me endure this.

Felt like a dumb moron in a real hard physics class, with a blank expression....."ahhh I don’t get it !"

Like its all a huge joke, but if its a joke, am i not supposed to enjoy it?

I suddenly realise being serious and ambitious I’ve stopped being and having fun, and if i just looked around there's comedy in every element of life.

Crazy things are going on in the world, so whats wrong in being crazy and and weird as well...its so much better then seeing all those uptight stiff neck I-am-so-normal-it-hurts snobs who look as if they their every move is an effort.
Doing things totally out of ordinary brings such freedom !
so now I proudly say that I AM WEIRD and i do crazy things like

Listening to " mujhe se shaadi karogi"
At 2 am in the morning.

Watching a midnight show at rex in a seedy stall with all men.

Listening to rims laugh He he he.... so cute! Ever so often

Cursing the net when you can’t see silly you tube videos.

Pinching an old lady's cheek in the middle of a busy street.

It brings such a relief to admit how weird I am and shock people, to be outrageous, without being rebellious, being playful without being feverish, knowing it, yet acknowledging the vast unknown.

That’s what is effortless, like moving with the flow, instead of fighting against the current.
Who is going to say what? And So what? I have the strength to face the worst critic of myself, and that’s me...

So now I am ready to be a part of the joke, and laugh and make others laugh, coz am so done with crying for so long, and it’s so not fun. Next time I cry, will only do so coz its fun...and if that’s too tough, I’ll fake it till I make it!
And I don’t mind if the joke's on me!

4 Annotations:

Reema Banerjee said...

yes sure, be weird.

and while ur at it, lets go do weird asanas at 3 am on the terrace, positions that will make houdini turn in his grave...

wrestle for a bathroom that was once passable but invaluable today, eat double layer chocolate cake after idlis, and catch ppl on the street to ask them-r u happy? ur not? aaah...lemme tell u how to do it urself.

Goli said...

I am completely for it man.... I love crazy people, because I think that only crazy people can do stuff that is different....dont bother what others say....the crazy thing that i have done recently is playing guitar on our office steps, because that day I did not have keys to office and I did not know what to do, So I just sat on steps and started guitaring.. some people came looked and went off. ...I did not have a katora in front of me, else am sure would have made some money as well....

Prude said...

Completely original, adorable and quirky u are and u'll always stay that way...:) I dunno any other person who can find joy out of every little thing in life!! :)

Alistair D'souza said...

oh yes.. its nice being weird.. its nice being yourself...
let the child out once again I keep telling ppl.... when ppl start filtering their actions and thoughts and words to act normal then they forget who they are...