Sunday, January 28, 2007

Message to thy anonymous

who are you unseen unheard
creating havoc and turmoil amidst
life so peaceful and smooth
with words so harsh and a tone so rude,
without asking if it was polite to intrude.

who are you unseen , unheard
entering unwelcome disturbing my calm.
For the pain and misery you cause me,
there is no balm.

before you i was doing fine,
revelling in a comfort divine,
then you came and all was disrupted
as if a dormant volcano erupted.

who are you, unseen unheard
because of you all
close ties are being cut.

who are you unseen unheard
to whose face i want to slam
my doors shut.

no matter how anonymous you are
until the end of this default war.
admire me if you want, from afar
coz that's as close as we can get
although i hold no grudge,
not an iota of fret.

Unseen and unheard I'd rather we be.
across the the mountains
and the seven seas.
no words can say, and eyes cant see.
what's between the lines if you cant read.

2 Annotations:

Reema Banerjee said...

fret...well, what is this poem then?
i cannot believe this entity is being devoted webspace on ur incredibly disappointed. u deem righti guess

Reema Banerjee said...
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