Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Never said yes
never said no
never let her feelings show

what she feels is so intense,
she hides its behind a sheathe
of pretense.

the sky feels heavy above her
and beneath the ground seems to
give way.

Wants to be heard, and so much she
needs to say.
At the same time she is scared
of what she'll give away.

Whatever existed once seems
to have vanished into thin air,
of this sinking emotion, she is more
than aware.

Frozen and numb is everything around
and within there's not a sound.
like the shock of being lost and found.

Moves like a queen,
head held up with pride,
an air of new found mystery
that she cant hide.

cant figure whats wrong with this land
so many things that she doesnt understand.

looks at the edifice
with colour changing dome.
and knows she's right at home.

never has to say yes
never has to say no.
things can be understood
without having said so.

4 Annotations:

Reema Banerjee said...

i needed to know this. i needed to read this. especially today.
especially today.
thanks for posting this.

Prude said...

You could be my mouthpiece. Its affirmative.

Maverick Menon said...

U are good
U r bad...
Why do u make it
Sound so sad!?

Why so far!?
Come stay some near
When all ur yaar
or Buddies are here!

pRicky said...

GRACIAS!!! this is quite irrelevant to the post which btw is quite phenomenal... but the gracias is what you needed to be made aware of...
many thanks