Wednesday, March 28, 2007


things are happening
all in a flow,
cant no longer find time
to feel the breeze's
gentle blow

things change
so fast with time,
it don't wait to ask
if you're ready for the climb

all in a flow, in a smooth
one after another in quick
whether i like it or not
every instance seems
like my only shot.

from linear to
every reason seems
as if all predetermined

like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
all preassigned.

So what happens next,
is what i ask evey time
waiting with baited breadth
for that one symbol, one sign

Tired of waiting for so long
to merge with that melody of
a distant song.

i am aware
i am alive
till the time i can
into that ocean dive.

2 Annotations:

Prude said...

Love, love, love it!!! You got the right attitude girl...whatever the tide you'll come out the better.

Hold on to that crazy dream, follow your heart and just keep swimming, just keep swimming...someday just as fast as these changes taking'll get there! :)

Goli said...

I loved these lines...

"like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
all preassigned"