Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And now...

he walks along
holding my hands
though the ocean
and the harsh lands

though i don't feel it
all the time
looking deeper i find
intense signs.

walking me through
ups and downs
and never letting go
through smiles and frowns

giving me the sight
beyond the eye can see
making me aware
of being me

he walks along
like an invisible strength
protecting me from
any scratch or dent

Igniting a mellow
light inside.
even on a rainy day
the world looks bright

ever since i was but
a seed
he took care of my
every growing need

everyday, he becomes
more immense
till i dissolve into
his sweet essence

till all but that
cease to exist
in this world
i continue to drift

clinging to that
evergreen fragrance
my world stops
making any sense

as i drown
a bit more, each time
in me i feel the grace
holding my hands
he walks along
turning my life
into a song

never again will
i ever question
coz i know every move
is towards progression

this is what
i was looking for
this where i belong
now i know for sure
nothing ever would
go wrong

6 Annotations:

Harini Vembar said...

This one is simply amazing..!!!Beautifully worded and soooo so true!!!

Prude said...

I could hear you recite it...

Reema Banerjee said...

u betcha maddy, u just hell of a betcha...nopthing else has any meaning, none at all



Tangs said...

good one ...

srikanth said...

brilliant work maddy :) ,, yeah could hear u recite it :)