Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confessions of an accidental hausfrau in Munich

Well as one would think life is not all about planning the menu for the next meal, or pushing huge shopping carts through the aisles in supermarkets (well that too of course). Its much more than that. But many that are not so obvious like-

Catching that extra minutes (okay maybe hours) of snooze after packing off hubby to school..sorry work.

Turning the kitchen into an experimental lab, and you-know-who into the Guinea Pig.

Coming up with creative idea to metamorphosis leftovers into gourmet delights

Being hours online researching new recipes and then deciding not to cook it

Taking Ayurveda seriously (when else do u have the time)

Watching the various changes of the weather from the window...its always too cold, too sunny..or too perfect to go out!

Ignoring a pile of steadily growing to-be-ironed clothes, until there is no more space or no clothes to wear

Walking into a furniture store and being utterly dispassionate, knowing you have to build each thing..nut, bolt and screw

Walking into a clothing store and being utterly dispassionate, knowing you will get better stuff, for a faction of the price in India (unless you are talking about trench coats and stiefels)

Walking into one of the cloned indian restaurants with cloned mango lassi and papad with 3 different dipping and chai that costs 3 euros

Just walking and walking and walking!

Wondering how come there are so many ways to waste time rather than spend it usefully.

Forgetting english...writing 'haus', instead of house three times in a row before realizing it.

The cheapest activity to do here is to do nothing (courtsy- Suman Ramaswamy)

Eating in Vapiano for the 80th time....and realizing that this is the ultimate Shanti sagar of Germany!

Either ridiculously easy or unnecessarily complicated- its German!

If you are late...just be late enough to get there early next day!

Cursing the transportation system for being so damm punctual! and more than occasionally praying that the U-bahn is late, for the sheer pleasure of watching the reaction of the German
population going 'Oh mein gott- es ist schlecht'.

Out of habit walking into a bookstore and walking out with an strong sense of betrayal...what! I live in a corner of the world that looks and feel like english...but is so not english.

Talking about the weather at least 40 times a day, no wonder is the most popular website, though not the most accurate in its predictions.

So guess I have summarized my whole life in a few lines. It doesn't end here though.....


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Anonymous said...

u sound like a well behaved wife. i will aim to be u when i am hitched!

Deepak said...

Nice one... Thinking appropriate comment what to write :-) but this indian mind... German english....and end of the day doesnt allow me to think anymore :-))

suman said...

Couldnt agree more...

Muthu Pal said...

oh my god Madhuri, i can relate to so many things of what you said :-) just replace German with French!!!

vijai lugani said...

i think only new comer can right such tings.if you live germany or this beautiful place munich little more than one year and will realy enjoy it, it is peaceful city. every thing is pure water, vegetables fruits. and prople also.

Srikant.K said...

I guess you are getting yourself into a matrix of paradoxes. Your Indian bent of mind leads to endless comparisons of the much familiar East( our beloved India!) with the supposedly advanced West ( be it Germany, Europe or the U.S).

Pray, take it cool and easy. Bow down in utter humility before the grandeur of God, whose splendour can be found everywhere!

On a larger perspective, the 'Indianisation' of the world has surely begun!

After all, as Mark Twain put it,
" India is the mother of all cultures and the grandmother of all civilizations".

The Wandering Minstrel said...

@srikant: let the poor girl vent at least eh?
@mad: brilliant. ur having such a ton of fun n learning i say :)

jaideep said...

Solution:U and Ur hubby Come back to India.
then u get to taste the Dosa,idli ,Sambhar,rice etccc deliciously cooked by Amma.
have a great time arguing wit the sabhziwala & Wali, catching packed buses,rickshaws etc
get to speak kannada,hindi,tamil and many more dialects for which we are famous for :).
And have mango lassi for Rs 25.
And see the Bangalore ashram ,Guruji,bawa,dinesh,yes+ courses and much much more.....