Friday, June 17, 2011

New beginnings!

Its one of those times, when I feel this compelling urge to write (you can see that it doesnt happen too often), and then I am foolish enough to let it go, and once that moment is gone, that it! its over. But today I decided that I will chain myself to my mac, till the time I get a post done.
Many things have changed since I have come back to Germany...after the crazy, hectic action packed 3 months in India. Where I had hardly a minute for myself. Let me do a quick recap!

So as soon as I landed India (Jan end), I was thrown in the middle of the most brilliant musical extravaganza. That one evening, I think even gods and angels (we know for real as well) wouldn't have missed. That one evening, I transformed from 'couldnt care less about carnatic music' (I have no right to call myself tambram) to an ardent fan. One of my favourites was 'aadvome' written by Subramanya Bharathiyar a famous Indian freedom fighter. This song most brilliantly captures the spirit of joy and freedom. Now hearing this from a chorus of 7000 professional classical singers was one of those moments in life when everything comes together in a scale that is beyond perfection. Unfortunately I couldnt find the song in YouTube, so here is another one called 'Ananda amrutha varshini' litrally meaning 'rain of joy, which is also wonderful!

Manvathe Project
Made up for all my inactivity in Germany :) read my earlier posts :D.

Driving lessons
Now thats a story for a new post- how corruption has infiltrated into every nook and cranny
of Indian bureaucracy.

My nephews Upanayanam ceremony
I have the cutest pair of twin nephews, aged nine, and this was a big day for them. It was almost like a mini wedding. Upanayanam means taking near (to oneself), this is supposed to be the highest knowledge and very young children are initiated into it. As a child is ready to enter the outside world, when armed with the knowledge of the self, he is unshaken by the vicissitudes of life.

Poonal ceremony of Shyam (left) and Skanda.

Back to Germany
Well, it is very pleasant to be back, the weather is brilliant, and we spent three amazing days with Guruji in Berlin and Dresden. My childhood friend Pavitra flew from London, it goes to show, that going that little extra mile and keeping in touch especially with those who matter means a lot. Now we are just looking forward to the biggest event in Europe ever. The World Culture Festival on 2nd and 3rd July in Berlin. If you are in Europe or even if you have the remotest possibility to make it, be here. There couldnt be anything more exciting happening than 100,000 people celebrating the world culture and meditating for world peace.

I will have much more to share in the coming weeks. But this I think is a good start.


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Krishna said...

Waiting for the blog on your driving lesson and corruption :P

Srikant.K said...


I feel ecstatic whenever I read your posts. That's because you put so much life and soul into your writings about life, in its innumerable facets !

Well, 'Naada Viabhavam' is too good to be true!
And the 'Upanayanam Ceremony' speaks volumes about our magnificient tradition !

Kudos to You!