Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guru n Stuff n Stories

Things like guru and spirituality seemed more like brain washing and escapism. I was so totally NOT the guru type. Just the mention of someone with long robes and beard...and I headed
1000 miles in the opposite direction.

Then one day something touched me. Like never before.
Tears poured out. Like never before.
Tears of gratitude, tears of bliss, tears of love.

I still told myself, I am so not the Guru kind. And I will NOT get 'brain washed'.
But something unexplainable pulled me in his direction.
The way just one smile would make you forget all your problems
The way one glance would transform your life
the way one sign would rearrange the universe, making it just a playground for you

So effortlessly, so easily, so innocently, so mischievously, so lovingly creating deep knowledge to crazy confusion to intense emotions to explosive frustrations just for you to go through it all.

At times you feel being on this 'path' is so much more painful (so why be here in the first place)
then you feel like the luckiest creature on earth coz he looked at you (even if he was really looking at the 'elephant' behind(then the elephant is the luckiest creature))

And then all you are left with is a bunch of random sentences trying so hard to be a story.
And yet there is a story in every word. A Guru story.
When he looked
when he smiled
when he waved
when he laughed
when he pointed
when he paused

5 Annotations:

karthik said...

well said!!

Happy Bday Guruji..


Ashish said...

WOW, I too have similar kind of experience...

Happy Bday... :)

komal said...

wow madhuri... brainwashed huh yes well let me put it this way : brain -an organ which stores information in the human body, washing- cleaning out all dirthy things. Brainwashing- leeting the mind be focused and getting rid of all the junk thru meditation. Arent we so lucky to have him in our midst in our lifetime...

nands said...

Nice post and beautiful template. :)

srikant said...

Dear Madhuri Bhaskaran,

JGD! I also had similar experiences before, when I didn't know who is the right 'Guru'. But, there occurs that turning point in everyone's life, when life gets transformed.

I'm very happy that by God's and the Guru's overwhelming grace, you have found your heart's yearning and fulfillment! And,so have I!

With Soulful Prayers,