Saturday, May 15, 2010

Avatar.... and Mugu mugu

no, not the movie....but my blog

With so many changes renewing my life again and again,
its only fair that I renew this blog.

so..(drumroll).....Ta da!

Here's the new Avatar of AFOMFT (A few of my favourite things)

And I have to admit I pretty much like it, there is always scope of improvement
(like everything else in life) but I guess if the basic are in place, the details
can be taken care of (again like everything else in life)

I have written on a variety of topics, but it wouldn't hurt to get some suggestions on what you would like read on this blog. Could be anything from Guru stories (I have quiet a few to share) to recipes (an area where I am yet to establish my competency) to Guitar notes (Yes! I play guitar)

And oh...I have to ex press my inexpressible indebtedness to Mugu-mugu (thanks to Reema for the name) my almost new- Macbook (well getting married has its advantages).

So just like a gourmet chef in his kitchen, I with my Mugu mugu plan to whip out batches of delectable stories, articles and random musings... and all stuff that makes its into my list of AFOMFT and then some which don't.

8 Annotations:

Karpagavalli said...

My God! Dint know you were searching for a mac book bag for yourself the other day!!! I want to get married too!!! :-P

vinod said...

We.. rather I have rarely come across a person who is AOL teacher and a jounalist..
Tell us more about fun doing both...

nihar said...

jgd maddy the new template is brilliant i'm lovin it....

Kaushik said...

The new template looks great!

srikant said...

Dear Madhuri Bhaskaran,

JGD! The new look for your fabulous blog is very refreshing.Accept my congratulations for your new MUGU MUGU !!!

And, please keep writing more on heartfelt feelings, that add more to the spice of life !

With Best Wishes,

The Wandering Minstrel said...

goodness! now u have two mugu-mugus. a teddy and a macbook and a fab new blog template to add to it all :P and when exactly are u getting urself to this hot madness of a city?

Krishna said...

Suffer -ring!!!
more stores on that :).

Madhuri Kaushik said...

@Ree- I remember when I first started to blog, you were my inspiration
@Krish- those are Private, not to be discussed on public forum
@Srikanth- Thanx a ton!!
@nihar- Plz keep updating your blog as well
@Vinod- I will, for sure
@KK- Waiting for 27th Aug,
@Kaushik- somemore feedback would be helpful