Monday, March 2, 2009

Drenched in Kollam

Pic Credit: Srikanth

Things haven't been easy since the first moment I’d decided to go to Kollam. But I knew with some quirk of fate (called grace) I would land up. It was exactly one year ago that I saw Mahashivratri in Surat on TV and decided, that no matter I wanted to be there next year.

So after a lot of external conflicts (Boss, parents, missing train and a bus to Kollam) a few internal conflicts (when I missed the train), we finally landed in Kollam after a bumpy 14 hour bus ride in the end corner seat, turning all my insides into marshmallow. I’d already been feeling unwell for the past week, and could predict myself getting worse, so I thought, If i’m gonna get sick and take leave anyway, I might as well get sick in Kollam.

The first thing I hear as I reach the grounds is Gurudev’s voice taking Mahakriya, and it was then that it finally sunk in! I was finally finally finally here!
During the course of the day we went to the beach, and by evening we got ready and finally made it to the venue for the finale.
The blazing sun had finally shown signs of setting in, and as the twilight rays scattered the sky, it felt as if the whole environment was Drenched in a sacrosanct energy. There was a ramp that was constructed that was almost half a kilometre long, and nine feet high, where Gurudev could walk amidst the squealing public. There were satsangs, dance performances and even a powerpoint presentation, but most were oblivious of it, slipping into meditation before event the vibrant chanting began.

The next thing I know is that everyone around me standing on the chairs to get a glimpse of Gurudev walking on the ramp, in utter love and bliss. I have seen Guruji so many times, in so many satsangs over the past five years, but seeing him in this form, was like seeing him for the first time, like seeing pure unadulterated, uncensored divinity, that can knock out anything that has even an iota of life.

Then it was over in a blink of an eye, and here I am back at my office desk, typing out my experience in the hope of reliving even one moment of that.

And not for the first time, I realise how inadequate words can be when it comes to narrating some experiences.

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srikanth said...

U know what, was just too complete an episode - a perfect story - had big blocks of suspense, boulders of thrill, pieces of emotional drama, silence, gratitude loads of fun, an own taste of comedy ( the bus driver asking me to take on the wheels lol ), and like every story a happy ending .. ( a happy start rather )- Guruji - an open window to the future - showing us light on the other side ... enjoyed every bit of it .. what do i say .. a fun filled, action packed thriller, with some soul-stirring performances and always keeping you on the edge :) ....

Ashish said...

WOW... I can imagine guruji...

Ajay said...

Lucky you...:)
You are so true when you say that it is always so fresh an experience whenever you see Guruji.
Also agree that it is really hard to put your experiences with Guruji to words.
Jai Gurudev

Srikanth.K said...

Absolutely fascinating ! Truly some experiences in Life are transforming and bathe your soul in heavenly bliss ! And as you say, such feelings cannot be described in words.....

Jaigurudev !