Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Karadaiya Nombu

Me in madisaar

I thought valentine's day was the most romantic day for couples. And being the eternal romantic that I am, I found this, beats everything!

March 14th (not feb)

I was dressed in red, there was candle light (okay, oil lamp), flowers (jasmine) and gourmet food (Kara and vella adai)

And I said

"Urugada Vennaiyum oradaiyum naan tharuven - orukaalum en kanavar ennai piriyadirukkanum"

I offer you (divine) butter and the rice made out of kaara arisi so bless me for my Husband's long life

Ever since I have gotten married, the pooja room has gained a special significance. And every month brings with a festival with deep meaning and relevance.

this particular festival (Nombu) called Karadayan Nombu especially important to married women.

Wearing Madisaar, I lit the Kuthu Valuku (traditional lamp) and tied the sacred thread.

The story goes that Savithri was the daughter of king Aswapathi who ruled Madradesha. She was married to Sathyavan, son of another king, according to her wish. Despite Naradha’s warning that Sathyavan would die within a year of marriage, Savithri married him. But as a devout wife, she started worshipping Goddess Gowri to protect her mangalyam, - that is, to change the fate and give her husband a long life. On the first day of Panguni, the following year, fate snatched away Sathyavan suddenly. When Yama appeared to take away the life of Sathyavan, Savithri did not give up easily. She argued with Yama, and regained the life of her spouse and lived happily ever after.

On this day, two special dishes are made and offered to the Lord. One is a salt savoury signifying Lord Siva and the other one is a sweet signifying Goddess Shakti.(Karadais and vella adais are specially made for the occasion with rice flour,jaggery and Kaaramani - a red coloured dry beans). The adais are then placed on the plantain leaves along with 'Vennai' (butter). Here is my Mother-in-law's recipe!

Kara and vella adai


Kara Mani - red coloured beans- 1 cup steamed

salt, soaked rice (half hour), grated coconut

Dry fry till they are rice red colour, cool, powder the rice, season it with mustard, urad dal, chili, coriander leaf, aseofoteda

and boil it with water add grated coconut 1 cup. add overnight soaked Karamani. Add rice flour once it stars boiling, stir for ten minutes and keep aside when it gets a thick upma like texture. steam it in idly stand for 15 minutes


jaggery 1 1/2 cup,

equal water

karamani half cup

boil water, pinch cardamom,

grated coconut 1 cup

1 spoon ghee

In boiling water add jaggery, when Jaggery melts add rice powder.stir till it gets a thick upma like texture

Steam both (kara and vella adai) in the cooker for 15-20 mins simultaneously.

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Kaushik said...

Good one!

Krishna said...

purely auspicious.............
ur writing has improved got more depth this time.

Goli said...

I guess the same lady on which the film "Sati Savitri" is made. :D.

Deepali Jamwal said...

hahahaha!!! dats wat marriage does to you? a total flip over from ur previous posts :-)

srikanth said...

were u asked to stand in attention for the photo :)

Anonymous said...

Maddisar maami.... Happy Ugadi!

suman said...

HA HA HA...Chance a ille.
btw u beat KK by posting here first.

Kaushik said...

she was scared the saree would come off, i guess thats y she was standing in attention holding the saree!

srikant said...

JGD ! The Thirumanancheri Temple in Tamil Nadu, is hailed as the place where the divine marriage of Shiva & Parvati took place ! People come here to fulfil their marriage vows, highlighting the importance of Hindu marriages !

Absolutely fantastic, isnt it ? My eternal best wishes to You & Kaushik.


Mad angel said...

@ kaushik, No I wasnt, I was standing in attention for the benefit of the photographer with unsteady hands!!!

Karpagavalli said...

hey Maddy! nee mudinuta... i too wanted to post this!!! :-) but, you,ll find one more on my blog soon... but very nice info, especially I did not know that savitri satyavan part...