Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Hot!

From everything, the weather to people to food to politics. If you want to be set on fire, AP is the place to head. As a YES!+ teacher this is the first time I am travelling outside to an unknown city, and my destination is Warangal in AP.

After a 13 hour bus journey to Hyderabad, Raghav (another teacher) and I took Konark express to Warangal, about 3 hours away. Luckily it was raining, so I didn't experience the fiery bit right away. My first experience was simply my first meal, with my tongue on fire, and smoke fuming out of my ears. The excessive chili in everything, made it simply impossible for me to even decipher different dishes and tastes.

To neutralise the effect oodles of 'ghee' was added, which helped my tortured taste buds no better. Unfortunately in India, excessive love is equated with excessive food, which if refused, especially as guests is considered excessively rude.

So I endured the fate for three days, after which my mouth is so full of ulcers that, making it torturous to even look or breath in the direction of spices. So now my staple diet consists of Ice-cream and ghee rice, although I am doing my best to make up by doing extra suryanamaskar during the course, the chances are, that I'll have to go on diet as soon as I hit home.

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nands said...

You may also consider adding chocolates to your staple diet!

The Wandering Minstrel said...

which yeeediottt told u ghee makes u put on weight. in fact, u will put on weight if u dont eat ghee.
which reminds me sumthin my grandad used to tell my grandmum when ghee got over at home - why do u use it? we are poor indian people who work hard on the farms and pray for rains every morning. ghee is an expensive commodity. just keep it on the shelf, we will all look at it and eat our rice without ghee. that way, it will never get over.

vinod said...

ha ha...:-)
Maddy, there r few more things to b go watch a Telugu movie based on faction-ism..I bet u'll have another post on ur blog to describe ur superb 3hrs....:-p
Also, mind u.. the tickets are very cheap (compared to the multiplexes)..
U should surely watch one...
I'll keep updated on other things to watch out for..

jaideep said...

Andhra HOT!
RICE WITH GHEE Granny i miss you.:)
Surynamaskars AWESOME!
That's a Great Package to enjoy.

you must try Khwaja Sweet it's YUMMY allows you to gain some Exxtra Pounds :)


Krishna said...

ice cream was my idea

Praveen Muraliganesh said...

I had once been to tripathi and had an awesome experience of having chilli bajji with a strange combination of red chilli chuttney. I dont know whether this will work out for vlcc in slimming or not.. But this definitely worked for me in loosing 3kgs in just 3 days.. :)