Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rest with feelings

The Art of Living Ashram is teaming with splendor of Navaratri.
Gurudev broke his silence today, with the message, 'rest with feelings'.
This poem is inspired by him.

In thick of celebrations
all around
from depth of silence
not a sound
the message was loud and clear
rest with feelings my dear

You have come after a struggle
so long so hard
you were broken into pieces
into shards
now its over, I am near
rest with feeling my dear

Wake up to the beauty
all vibrant and fresh
from the illusion of chaos
delusion of mess
perfect as a juicy ripe pear
when you have rested
with feelings my dear

And now the sky's so blue
without a cloud
every thought can be heard out
dont doubt, all pain ends here
just rest with feelings my dear

Rest with feelings
Life's no longer an
unfulfilled dream
Rest with feelings
as sweet as cherries
as light as cream

A love so deep, cant help
but shed drops of tear
rest in bliss with feelings
my dear.

13 Annotations:

nands said...


nands said...

And Happy Navaratri! :)

atmarati avirodhena said...

beeautiful :)


Ashish said...

Brilliant poem maddy

Kaushik said...

awesome!!!You´ve captured His words beautifully!

Krishna Kalyan said...

STP rastu

vinay said...

beautiful poem, madhuri :). Really, the navaratri was a celebration worth a lifetime, is it not????? No, words to describe Guruji in silence, the atmosphere is so peaceful. And the yagnyas that guruji does is awesome to say the least.........

At the end of it, you feel so happy for no reason at all.

jaideep said...

Ashram's payasam was awesome.

gaurav ahuja said...

Hey, though I dont know you personally, but must say that you are an awesome writer. I started following your blogs around 2 months back and have read almost all the posts.I got your link from some Art of Living source and now I eagerly wait for your posts.
Great Work. Carry On.

Praveen Muraliganesh said...

thats really incredible.. keep going.. :)

srikanth.k said...


God loves us much much more than we can ever think of ! Immerse yourself in the bliss of Divine
Love !!!


Prude said...

I can feel your inner peace. :-)

Akshay said...

Hey madhuri thts amazing poem plzz do write more, today i was reading ur previous posts..., felt tht 'Without you where will i be?' is wat i'm reading for the first time...!! Ohh man you are an incredible writer... JGDev, akshay...