Monday, September 8, 2008

Shut up...and take action!

20 more days to go, and the countdown for Utsav has begun.

As usual, there is utter chaos.
To me its as if stepping into a whole new territory.
A territory beyond, beyond what i ever thought was humanly possible.
An Utsav of 3000 youth, for four days in persuit of spirituality.

Up till now, it was something i took for granted. Miracles have become so
common, that this one just failed to register.

Up till now, it was something i 'had to' work for.

Global cooling- Cool inside, cool outside
Thats our campaign for Utsav

So my mind was reeling on the 1001 never ending small things 'my job', 'my finances', my future....blah blah.
I did kriya, and my mind just like shut up! (cool inside)
And i knew that nothing was more important at this point of time than Utsav!

Its madness...but its a miracle, its about getting 3000 youth to 'shut up' their mind and
feel bliss. 3000 youth will be planting 10,000 saplings and adopting them, as a part of 'stand up and take action' (cool outside)

Suddenly i feel so light inside, suddenly i feel as if worrying about small things is an insult to the cause and suddenly i realise how amazing it is to just SHUT UP!

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