Thursday, May 8, 2008

A fly by visit to ashram

Crazy hyderabad heat is certainly NOT a favourite!

oh yeah i changed the heading of my blog, i stole it from a beautiful song in the movie 'the sound of music' (dont tell me u havent seen it!), i've always loved it.

My ashram visit:

As chaotic as can get: booked a last minute flight from hyderabad to reach ashram, to catch a glimpse of gurudev, and predictably, i got the last ticket in the flight :) and made it just in time for long kriya!

Had a yummy Sunday lunch (its worth travelling all the way for) with ashram curd rice and payasam, them the YES!+ group went to Bau's room and woke him up....he woke up grouchily, and said accusingly "how can u be awake in this weather"? confusing us Hyderabadis even more as the weather in ashram was paradise compared to Hyd.

then he asked us to go work for Utsav Jaipur and Chennai.....and i'm so gonna be there!

Hurrah, gonna book my tickets now, and will head there as soon as we wrap up with the yes!+ course that starts on Monday.

That reminds me, i have ta have ta finish filling up the TTC forms. Its like the weirdest TTC form ever! Imagine answering a question like

"if you could spend 24 hours with guruji, what would u do?"

Ans: be enlightened!

Its really hilarious, but also serious in a way.