Thursday, March 20, 2008

me again!

I knew i would fall prey to discontinuity monster....and i have!
Lots has happened between now and earlier, made a fly by visit to b'lore, and had a gr8 family reunion.
Life's changed so much! Two years back i was living with my family, and all i would do is fight with them, and now when they're not here i miss em so much....and mostly i miss those years i lost taking them for granted due to my self centered rebelliousness. That's a big lesson for me! if you take for granted what you have, it will eventually be taken away from you.
My bro's down there doing an Advance course, and what i wouldn't do to be in his shoes.

And oh, we finished one series of Ashtavakra Geeta discourse this week: it was mind blowing, i wanna keep repeating it as long as i live.