Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving on

Moved into a new house at JP nagar second phase,

And it still hasn't sunk in that i'm here for good. A part of me still feels like i'm on an

extended holiday, and will go back to Hyderabad.

This new house, the new job...all feels pretty unreal to me.

4 Annotations:

Anonymous said...

I think this will cheer u up
Ashram is just 10 Km away
and you can jump in any time to meet Guruji,bawa,dinesh bhai:).

hyderabad is 500 Km away

So know this will help you out :)

What do you say about that


Deepali Jamwal said...

Accept people and situation as they are!!! 1st knowledge point...
and wat r u cribbing about? u can have lunch in Ashram every sunday...

Goli said...

Ye Ye Ye,
Naya job, Naya Ghar, Naya Saal, aur kuch naya aa raha hai kya...

House warming party is in order. Cheers.

Wd said...

But is it a happy feeling?